Violation of the Code of Ethics of the Legal Profession (Mediator) in the Phenomenon of Law Enforcement


  • Yana Priyana Sanskara Karya Internasional



Law enforcement, Mediators, Facilitating dialogue, Disputing parties, Public trust


This paper examines the vital role of law enforcement in upholding order and justice within society, focusing on the essential function of mediators in facilitating dialogue and agreements among disputing parties. However, like any profession, mediators can also fall prey to code of ethics breaches, consequently undermining the integrity and public trust in law enforcement. The study delves into various cases of code of ethics violations involving mediators in the context of law enforcement. Consequently, mediators must comprehend the rules that govern their interactions with fellow mediators and the public who use mediation services. Maintaining their profession’s ethics, authority, dignity, and honor is imperative for mediators, while loyalty to and enforcement of the Mediator Code of Ethics is essential. The Honorary Council oversees compliance with the Code of Ethics, thereby ensuring reasonable control and benefiting both members and the broader community. Maintaining fairness and transparency in law enforcement is indispensable for upholding societal justice. As neutral facilitators in dispute resolution, Mediators play a crucial role in helping parties reach mutually advantageous agreements. Nevertheless, practical challenges arise as mediators sometimes transgress the code of ethics, eroding the sanctity of the law enforcement process.


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