Analysis of Legal Aspects in Indonesia's Waste Management Policies


  • Supriandi Supriandi Universitas Nusa Putra
  • Riska Rahmawati Universitas Nusa Putra



Waste Production, Effective Waste Management, Sustainable Activity, Waste Reduction


The discrepancy between waste production and its effective management is emphasized, necessitating a balanced approach by waste managers. Law No. 18 of 2008 defines Waste Management as a sustainable, systematic activity encompassing waste reduction and handling. Complex challenges in waste management are outlined, containing rapid waste accumulation, the need for heightened public awareness, and concerns regarding final disposal procedures. The surge in waste volume due to a consumptive culture underlines the role of state intervention and societal engagement. Moreover, community involvement, particularly in recycling, is pivotal to waste management, positioning it as an integral facet of public service necessitating regulation to enhance citizens' quality of life. The issue of waste management is depicted as a pressing challenge fraught with obstacles, especially notable in Indonesia. Various laws and regulations are identified, including Law No. 32 of 2009 on Environmental Protection and Management, Law No. 32 of 2004 on Regional Government (replaced by Law No. 23 of 2014), and Law No. 18 of 2008 on Waste Management, alongside regional regulations.


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Supriandi, S., & Rahmawati, R. (2023). Analysis of Legal Aspects in Indonesia’s Waste Management Policies. Eastasouth Proceeding of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(01), 13–18.