Analysis of The Regulation of The Curator's Professional Code of Ethics in Carrying Out His Duties as the Person in Charge of a Bankrupt Company According to The Applicable Law in Indonesia


  • Salwa Aulia Novitasari Universitas Nusa Putra
  • Paramita Andiani Universitas Nusa Putra



Law Enforcement, Indonesian National Polic, International Missions, Professional Ethics, Professional Codes of Ethics


This text explores various aspects of law enforcement and professional ethics in Indonesia. It highlights the participation of law enforcement agencies, including the Indonesian National Police, in international missions and their role in maintaining public order, enforcing laws, and upholding justice. The discussion focuses on the organization of the police force, including Police Regional Commands, and the presence of multiple law enforcement agencies with overlapping jurisdiction in maritime zones. The significance of ethical norms and professional codes of ethics is emphasized, along with their role in guiding the conduct of professionals in their respective fields. The role of a curator in managing bankruptcy assets under the supervision of a supervisory judge is also discussed, outlining the pivotal phases of the bankruptcy process and the collaboration between the supervisory judge and the curator in ensuring effective asset management and administration. However, it doesn't replace ongoing ethical consideration. Effective codes require profession-based creation, not top- down imposition, to embody profession-specific ideals. In Indonesia, diverse professions uphold distinct ethical codes aiming to enhance service quality, deter unprofessional conduct, and foster a positive environment. The curator profession exemplifies this with its code overseen by the Indonesian Curators and Administrators Association (IKAPI), guiding roles, duties, and authorities.


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Novitasari, S. A., & Andiani, P. (2023). Analysis of The Regulation of The Curator’s Professional Code of Ethics in Carrying Out His Duties as the Person in Charge of a Bankrupt Company According to The Applicable Law in Indonesia. Eastasouth Proceeding of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(01), 19–24.