Moral Degradation of Police Agencies in the Perspective of Public Trust


  • Rifky Zaenal Mukhsinin Universitas Sali Al-Aitaam Bandung



Law Enforcement, Justice, Equity, Societal Order, Indonesia, National Police, POLRI


This text delves into the intricate fabric of Law Enforcement in Indonesia, highlighting the collaboration among diverse actors to uphold justice, equity, and societal order. The essay emphasizes the role of the police as a fundamental pillar in this structure, focusing on the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (POLRI). It explores POLRI's responsibilities in maintaining public security, enforcing laws, and offering protection and services. The article underlines the direct accountability of the police to both the president and the community, fostering public trust and orderliness. The discussion also delves into the significance of professional ethics within the police institution, as governed by Article 34 of Law No. 2 of 2002. This ethical framework shapes the police as a professional and morally upright law enforcement body, cultivating credibility and integrity in their operations. The narrative also highlights persistent issues like complex legal procedures, extortion, manipulation of cases, subpar public services, and a need for efficient IT-based reporting systems. The text further explores sluggish response times and disparities in service based on social ties or appearances. Addressing cultural aspects, the deep-rooted presence of corruption within the police hierarchy, often intertwined with repressive actions, is discussed. This perpetuation of undesirable behavior contributes to a decline in public trust, exacerbated by instances of police misconduct widely disseminated on media platforms.


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